Research Programs


Our Research programs

National HIV Behavioral Surveillance (NJ REact)

Within our NJ REACT initiative, we gather essential data to comprehend HIV transmission dynamics and community impact, guiding targeted interventions. Participation is confidential, respondent-driven, and venue-based. Participants are compensated for their time, with interviews lasting about 60 minutes. For more on NJ REACT, please contact us today.


Our commitment to advancing medical knowledge and bettering lives is evident through our involvement in cutting-edge clinical trials. We take pride in participating in transformative trials, such as the CMV Phase One Vaccine, ROCHE, TALIS, and ABBVIE M20-350 for Hepatitis C treatment.

These trials underscore our dedication to exploring innovative solutions with the potential to revolutionize healthcare outcomes. Through partnerships with respected pharmaceutical companies and researchers, we contribute to new therapies that can significantly impact our community's well-being. If you're interested in participating in our clinical trials, reach out to us today.


Our ongoing commitment to community health drives our endless pursuit of medical understanding. Our passionate research team, led by Corey DeStefano, actively engages in comprehensive research efforts that delve into the intricate interconnections between biology, behavior, and health outcomes.

For more information or to become a participant in our research, please contact our registration office at: 973-483-3444, Ext. 231

Intervention Based Research

NJCRI leads the way in intervention-focused research, utilizing our knowledge and resources to enact substantial transformations in health and well-being Our research team closely partners with communities, individuals, and institutions to craft inventive resolutions to the fundamental origins of health challenges. By integrating evidence-backed interventions, we aim to close the gap between research findings and tangible effects in the real world.

MEDICAL monitoring project

In partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NJCRI actively contributes to the Medical Monitoring Project, a population-based HIV surveillance system with local and national reach. This initiative functions as a comprehensive platform for collecting essential data on behaviors, clinical outcomes, HIV care quality, and challenges impacting individuals with diagnosed HIV.

At NJCRI, we are committed to utilizing our engagement in the Medical Monitoring Project to shape policy, enhance care strategies, and enact positive change for our community members impacted by HIV.


The NJ GURRRLS initiative is an HIV surveillance program, created to empower and safeguard our transcommunity. Rooted in anonymity and respondent-driven data gathering, this program provides a secure and private environment for individuals to share experiences, all while contributing to community safety and well-being.

Centrally focused on comprehending the distinct challenges encountered by our transgender community, the NJ GURRRLS program delivers essential support, education, and resources. To learn more about our NJ GURRRLS program, reach out to us today.

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