Community Services: It All Starts with Harm Reduction
We are intentional about mental, physical and emotional care for the clients we serve and our programs consider the mind, the body and the whole person.
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A clean and safe space for displaced adults, as well as those battling with substance abuse. Individuals can shower, wash clothes, and receive meals.


We offer fresh, canned, and perishable food supplies for various members of our community. Come in and let us serve you.

OuTpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Our North Jersey Recovery Empowerment Program (NJ-REP) is an Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment program.


The program is authorized by the State of New Jersey to distribute sterile syringes to injection drug users, and to accept used needles for proper disposal.

Healthy Relationships Program

We utilize scientific methods to help clients identify and prevent, or cope, with major health & behavioral problems.


Support for formerly incarcerated individuals. Provides health education to inmates, as well as continuity of care throughout incarceration & re-entry into the community.

Intimate partner violence

Call our toll-free hotline now  1(833)-702-5020. We offer counseling and support service for individuals experiencing intimate partner violence.

research & Clinical Trials

We offer participatory research & clinical trials in areas relating to Behavioral Health & Wellness. We collaborate with many universities and institutions across the country.

Vaccinations & Testing

We offer a variety of vaccinations, boosters, and testing. The services are available by appointment and at scheduled clinics.


Our programs

Fresh, canned, and perishable food supplies for various members of our community.
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Supportive services such as syringe exchange and substance use disorder treatment.
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A wide range of support services for mental health & wellness.
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Through various programs, studies, surveys and activities, Behavioral Health seeks to take care of our clients-physically, mentally and socially. Through programs that care for the body, we ensure that they are fed and have access to clean clothing and other resources.

With our social programs, we cover the concerns of the mental and emotional well-being of our clients by providing assistance that is well-rounded and focused on the full person.

Behavioral Health is about mental health and wellness, something that has become more and more important through recent years with pandemics and social collapse. We are invested in the entire body and we will ensure that the entire person has the opportunity to soar and exceed even their own expectations.



Meet Dorinda

Dorinda has been a practicing Behavioral Health Clinician for over 20 years. Earlier in her career Dorinda worked in a residential treatment facility as a counselor- assistant for two years, collaborating with women who had DCP & P involvement and mandated residential treatment. She also worked as a counselor-intern for two years. During those years, she worked with inmates ordered to undergo six months residential treatment.

Dorinda obtained her Certified Addiction and Drug Counselor certification in 2004 and worked as a primary counselor facilitating groups and individual sessions with dually diagnosed clients and individuals with HIV. In addition, Dorinda worked for Volunteers of America for four years providing services to the homeless population.

In 2006, Dorinda began her tenure at NJCRI, providing substance abuse services to individuals under the Ryan White Program. In 2010, she transferred to Project WOW working with LGBTQ youth between the ages of 13-24, Dorinda found her work with youth to be both rewarding and fulfilling. In 2022, Dorinda was promoted to the position of Director of Behavioral Health. This position has been satisfying and affords her the opportunity to hone her skills in the Behavioral Health field.

Dorinda Coleman


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