The Drop-in center at NJCRI is a clean and safe space for displaced adults, as well as those battling with substance abuse. Individuals can shower, wash clothes, and have a lunch or snack. We are here not only to help but to empower by giving them access to services, support groups, and educational and life lesson workshops to facilitate positive change and improvement in their quality of life. We continuously work with community partners to provide innovative and comprehensive services to those affected by homelessness.


The NJCRI food pantry adds to our clients' quality of life. Much of the food distributed through our food pantry is donated by caring individuals, businesses, houses of worship, and other organizations. A large percentage of the food we distribute comes from the New Jersey Food Bank. On occasion, we purchase fresh produce from a local wholesaler and make it available to our clients.


Project Access is the only syringe exchange program (SEP) located in Newark. The program is authorized by the State of New Jersey and the City of Newark to distribute sterile syringes to injection drug users, and to accept used needles for proper disposal. The program is anonymous and participants are provided with a card identifying them as a program participant which allows them to legally possess syringes. At the present time the project operates from Monday through Friday, except on holidays.


Project Renew includes two programs, Corrections and Healthy Relationships. Healthy Relationships uses scientific prevention methods to help people determine if their personal history and behaviors have placed them at risk for major health problems. Clients and counselors work together in finding ways to either prevent, or learn to live with, any health problems or issues.

The Corrections component provides services at NJCRI, Northern State Prison and in community-based local halfway houses. The program provides health education to inmates, as well as continuity of care throughout incarceration and re-entry into the community.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The North Jersey Recovery Empowerment Program (NJ-REP) is an Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment program.

Behavioral Studies and research

NJ REACT is a Behavioral Survey Unit at NJCRI that conducts health studies. The Unit conducts interviews in the Newark, Union, New York-Northern NJ, Long Island Metropolitan Area which includes Essex, Morris, Sussex, Union, Hunterdon and Pike PA counties. The studies are anonymous respondent and location-based interviews. Interviews are conducted at our offices, mobiles units, and other sites. The information gathered assists NJCRI in evaluating current behavioral trends and helps direct prevention efforts. The purpose of the studies is to gather information on individuals’ HIV testing habits, risk factors, perceptions, and knowledge of services, in addition to other relevant questions. Participants are compensated for their time. The interview takes approximately 60 minutes.

For more information, call (973) 558-5048 or the toll free number (1-888) 657-3228.

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