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NJCRI Mobile Vaccination Task Force (VTF) Services

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COVID Services


NJCRI’s COVID response relies on addressing the pandemic on multiple fronts, including vaccine administration through our Vaccination Task Force (VTF), COVID Testing, outreach and education and PPE distribution.

To date NJCRI’s VTF has administered over 12,000 vaccinations to some of the most vulnerable, hard-to-reach members of the Essex County Community

  • The VTF is a group composed by 15 staff members including Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, community health workers, medical assistant and community outreach advocates who have come together to formalize providing Covid-19 vaccinations to communities at high risk for COVID. This group is knowledgeable and experienced in population health and understands specific needs of vulnerable populations.

  • It is a highly mobile, flexible team that utilizes our Mobile Medical Units in close coordination with the Newark Department of Health, who supplies the J&J one-shot vaccine as needed.  The one-shot vaccine increases the effectiveness of the program since no follow-up booster shot is necessary.

  • VTF  is experienced in providing all types of Covid Vaccines.

  • The VTF is out in the field providing direct, personal, culturally competent, and trauma-informed community engagement, outreach, education, and vaccine administration to the general population of Essex County.

  • VTF specializes in vaccinating hard-to-Reach Populations including Residents Without Addresses (RWAs), migrant workers, sex workers, and Injection Drug User, minority ethnic communities (Hispanic, Portuguese, Haitian, etc), faith-based organizations, LGBTQ communities, mentally/socially challenged populations by utilizing its highly trained staff and personal-engagement approach and strong community presence.

  • Engagement is direct on a personal, individually customized, one-on-one level. VTF utilizes highly trained personal-engagement approach by staff by addressing personal concerns and barriers to vaccination adherence.

  • The VTF conducts “Pop-up Vaccination” sites scheduled with local partners at specific locations as well as ad-hoc vaccination, outreach, and education services as needed at local "hot spots" around Essex County where it is known that special, hard-to-reach populations may congregate.

  • VTF also provides access to a full suite of enhanced, wrap around services either directly or through referrals including; primary and behavioral health care, STD testing, housing support, childcare, transportation, workforce development, legal services, and more.

  • The VTF is composed of 15 staff members; 4 clinical nurses (preassessment, vaccinators, and post-observation), 2 medical assistants to support nursing and organize and maintain medical supplies, 1 driver, 4 runners to engage registration and educate clients, 3 registration and 1 maintenance to assist with cleaning and disinfection.

  • VTF also utilizes a 20-Chair Model for massive vaccinations at any given location depending on the physical capacity of each location and can provide a maximum of 60 vaccinations per hour. Example, a 4 hours vaccination clinic session can help vaccinate 240 residents.

  • VTF may be able to provide gift incentives including cash cards, food pantry, hot meals, goodie bags, and music to attract clients.

  • VTF has granted privileges and experience with NJIIS Administration and a history of strong partnerships with City, State, Federal and community organizations. VTF conducts vaccine data entry provided within 24 hours of vaccinations.

  • VTF nurses are trained and knowledgeable on vaccination storage and maintenance to maintain appropriate cold chain.

  • Agency is equipped with refrigerators, freezer units, portable refrigerator, transport carts and data digital loggers (DDL) to support recommended vaccines storage. In addition to refrigerator unit inside Mobile Medical Unit.

  • VTF provides equipment necessary to run any model of vaccination (e.g., tents, chairs).

  • Sites include parks, community centers, faith based organizations, churches, schools and others.

  • Vaccinations are also available at its main headquarters to members of the general population and clients of the Crossroads Homeless Drop-in Center, WOW, and Pride programs that focus on serving members of the LGBTQ community.

  • VTF is available 6 days a weeks and including early mornings and evenings.




More Information about Covid:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

If you need more information about partnership or Covid-19 vaccination

Please Contact:

Anny Pastor
Director of Nursing at 973-483-3444 Ext. 337


Need more information about vaccinations:

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)

(973) 483-3444

393 Central Ave. Newark, New Jersey, 07103